Please Open Your Mouth

Written by Joanna Garner

Directed by Norah Elges Schneyer

Appearing as Danny-Boy

"Tonight, the charismatic Host and controlling Chef celebrate the anniversary of the club and their relationship with a series of particularly unexpected dinner courses. An immersive theatrical dining experience like we've never done before. Come hungry."


Café Nordo

Josh Langager

Play by Keiko Green

Directed by Kaytlin McIntyre

Appearing as Toshio


"NADESHIKO follows the story of two women: A young woman in Japan during World War II takes on the role of caregiver to soldiers soon flying to their deaths. In 2016, Risa takes on a peculiar gig from Craigslist in order to pay her rent. As personal and sexual boundaries blur, the stories of two generations of women intersect in this discovery of power within idealized Asian beauty."


Sound Theatre Company

Josh Langager